jChartFX provides the most complete collection of charts and graphs for professional data visualization.

Over 150,000 developers confirm it! If you are developing HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Javascript solutions, jChartFX is the easiest and most affordable way to connect and visualize your data.

  • jChartFX is Free!

    The leading charting tool for HTML5, jQuery and Javascript developers is absolutely FREE. Yes, you can integrate and deploy jChartFX on your personal and internal web sites. Learn more

  • Charts Galore!

    jChartFX supports over 40 different 2D and 3D chart types, including but not limited to bar, column, pie, line, area, combination and scatter charts to meet virtually any business need. Learn more

  • jQuery Support

    We have leveraged the power of jQuery to allow jChartFX to use your preferred jQuery themes to adapt to your page layout and designs without a single line of code. Learn more

  • Industry wide support

    jChartFX works in any modern HTML5 compatible browser and any device, providing true client-side charts that have been fully tested with IE9+, Firefox 4+, Safari 3+, and Chrome.

  • Professional animations

    Make your charts move and impress your end users! jChartFX includes animations, customizable per gallery type. Learn more

  • Speedy and light!

    What makes jChartFX superior is that is easy to learn and has outstanding performance thanks to its lightweight framework that is easy to integrate.

  • Smart Data Connectors

    jChartFX supports JSON so you can populate charts with your data by simply using web services to retrieve server side data from any source.

  • Developer-friendly API

    With an outstanding and clearly laid out API, jChartFX lets you customize virtually any chart element, from axis to data series settings. Learn more

  • Extensible

    With jChartFX Plus you can add additional data visualization components such as maps, gauges and trend controls to create the most amazing business dashboards and data visualization applications.

The new jChartFX Plus gives you extra powers to develop full commercial dashboards and business intelligence applications.

jChartFX Plus includes all the free features of jChartFX and additional gallery types, advanced business intelligence features and dashboarding capabilities for your web or mobile apps.

  • jChartFX Plus 7.4 comes with 9 New Motifs!

    With the latest jChartFX Plus we've introduced pictograph and pictobar controls and it keeps getting better!, we are now adding 9 additional beautiful motifs for you to enhance your dashboards and apps. Motifs make it extremely easy to switch the look and feel of your entire dashboard with a few lines of code and continue to focus on your data.

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jChartFX is now available through your preferred package managers:


Web sites are made of lots of things such as frameworks, libraries, assets, utilities, and rainbows. Bower manages all these things for you.

Find jChartFX on Bower


NuGet is the package manager for the Microsoft development platform including .NET. The NuGet client tools provide the ability to produce and consume packages.

Find jChartFX on NuGet

Powerful geographical data visualization with
jChartFX Plus and the Chart FX Maps Marketplace

Explore the Chart FX Maps Marketplace
  • .NET

    Visual studio stands today as the de-facto IDE standard for .NET developers. For over 20 years, Chart FX has been the leading in enterprise-grade data visualization solution. Regardless of the Visual Studio version you are using, you can bet we have the right data visualization product for your development needs. Learn more

  • JAVA

    Java is the most prevalent language among enterprise developers. Software FX provides developers an in-the-box solution with a wide variety of controls, including charts, maps, gauges and statistical functionality that can be easily integrated to a wide variety of Java technologies. Learn more

  • SharePoint

    DataParts gives you the tools you need to move your data from the back-end and bring it to life by allowing you to create usable information dashboards using SharePoint. DataParts enhance your SharePoint portals by providing a number of web parts that facilitate data visualization and analysis. Learn more

  • Mobile Dashboards

    PowerGadgets Mobile provides powerful client for most popular mobile platforms, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, RIM and many others to let you create the most sophisticated business dashboards and data visualization scenarios without requiring a single line of code. Learn more

  • Studio FX Subscription

    The Complete Chart FX Collection within your reach!

    The Studio FX Subscription offers unprecedented access to our entire line of data visualization and business intelligence products for developers, including .NET, Java, COM, SharePoint and Mobility for one low price. Learn more

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The most complete collection of charts and graphs for professional data visualization.

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